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May 18, 2021

Recording for "The Sparring" at MTT Studios

A great collaboration with director Pablo Arias

Today we finish the recording sessions for the "The Sparring" (by director Pablo Arias) at Buenos Aires. Thanks to all the musicians and engineers who collaborated in this project. 

The pick up ensemble:

Piano: Evelyn Capporaletti,

Evelyn Mendez Caporaletti

Bandoneon: Lautaro Pons Batista

  • Violin 1: Pablo Federico Marchettich
  • Violin 2: Daniela Aravena Di Bernardo
  • Viola: Emanuel Andrés Ayala
  • Cello: Nadia Stambuk
  • Contrabass: Lautaro Barrionuevo


  • Clarinet: Federico Julián Escobares
  • Guitars Damián Peluso


  • French Horn: José Luis Belenda